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Newshare is designed to give users of all types the ability to talk to editors and among each other regarding news topics. This is accomplished through a structure of E-mail addresses, some of which post to electronic mailing lists. Others are forwarded to Publishing Member editors at dispersped locations.

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Newshare electronic mailing lists are be, for the most part, closed lists, directly filed only by Publishing Members and Contributing Members.

User Members may post mail directly to This mail will be reviewed by an editor who will post appropriate information directly to all Publishing Members, Contributing Members and to users who have requested Newshare-FORUM list subscriptions.

Postings to will go to our mail-hander for forwarding to the appropriate member or department.

A unique feature of Newshare is the ability to send mail directly to a supervising editor of our topics areas. You can obtain a list of the topics by clicking to Newshare Topics. Each topic is an E-mail address. You can send news, news tips or correspondence to these addresses.

For example, if you send e-mail to, our affiliated member in charge of editing environmental topics will read your post and decide what to do with it.

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