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Newshare Common Topics Page

Here is a list of topics within the Newshare Resource Center. Within each topic area are links to World Wide Web (WWW) hypertext resources. Content provided by Newshare Publishing or Contributing members is always listed at the top of the list of links.


Agriculture -- also farming, agribusiness
Arts -- the entertainment scene (other than Movies, TV, Music)
Astronomy -- The science of space, NOT astrology
Automotive -- If it has wheels but doesn't fly
Aviation -- Air and space -- For pilots and passengers
Books -- Celebrating reading and the printed page
Business -- serious stuff (also see Media, Finance)
Careers -- Resources for personal and professional change
Children -- Learning for little tikes (also see Fun)
Cities -- Links to coverage of the major global cities
Comics -- On our fun pages
Computers -- Info technology: Merging software and hardware
Consumer -- helpful information and features
Crime -- News, views and statistics. This is not Hard Copy
Current-info -- What's new in WWW news information
Design -- Buildings and spaces, inside and out
Disasters -- Up-to-the-minute links, worldwide
Crossword -- (NOT YET AVAILABLE)
Cuisine -- Cooking, Baking, Recipees, Dining, Nutrition
Education -- K-12 and the alternatives (also see college)
Elections-usa -- U.S. only (also see Politics)
Energy -- and resources
Entertainment -- The whole gamut (also see Movies, Art)
Environment -- guarding Planet Earth
Events -- upcoming and special
Family -- Ageless advice for all-aged groups
Fashion -- What's hot, wearable or not
Finance -- personal and banking
Food -- Cuisine: Cooking, recipees & dining
FREELANCE -- Index of topics for free-lance writers
Fun -- and games -- an odd assortment of diversions
Gardening -- Making things grow
Gender -- Diversity and fairness
Geography / Maps -- your guide to the globe
Government-usa -- U.S., including Congress
Government-states -- U.S. state/local resources (also see cities)
Health -- fitness and medicine
HELP -- Who, what and how of the Web
Hobbies -- at home and away
Home -- Decor, decorating, repairing
Homepages -- Links to other broad-focus services
Horoscope -- Your daily mantra
Humanities -- and the social sciences
Interactive -- It moves, it talks: New net possibilities
Index -- Web resource indexing services
International -- Non-news resources
Investing -- Your money / Stocks
Journalism -- Schools, lists and The American Reporter
Legal -- the law and you
Lifestyle -- How you live your life (Also see fashion, design)
Magazines -- And periodicals on all topics
Marketing -- On the Web and elsewhere
Media -- all forms
Medicine -- And health topics
Movies -- reviews, previews, stargazing
Multimedia -- Sound, moving pictures and way cool stuff
Museums -- From Paris to Los Angeles and beyond
Music -- live, canned, multimedia
News-general -- Resources from traditional to experimental
News-web -- News of the World Wide Web
News-world -- Everywhere but USA
News-usa -- United States news
Newsgroups -- USENET Newsgroups index and comment
Newspapers -- A news subset: Papers on the web
Outdoors -- fishing, hiking, recreation
Personal -- Web personalization / finding people
Policy -- U.S. public policy issues
Politics -- the full spectrum -- U.S. only
Radio -- All about radio, worldwide
Real-estate -- A fast-growing web use -- selling homes
Reference -- Information resources of all kinds
Regions -- Non-news U.S. regional resources
Sciences -- Physical sciences (also see Technology, Computers)
Searching -- Experimental Web-searching facilities
Seniors -- options for the best of life (NOT YET AVAILABLE)
states -- The start of an index of state resources
Sports -- Stats, schedules and comment
Technology -- How things work, and why
Teens -- A place to hang out (NOT YET AVAILABLE)
Television -- Schedules, stars and critics
Travel -- For business or vacation
Weather -- Weather and meteorology worldwide
Web-technical -- World Wide Web technology
Women -- 59 cents and rising
World -- Non-news world resources



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