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Newshare Contacts and Addresses

We are Newshare Corp., a Massachusetts-based provider of interactive services to newspapers, broadcasters, new media and the public. For a complete profile of our corporate mission, personnel and operations, point your web browser to:

We are located at One Bank St., P.O. Box 367, Williamstown, MA 01267.

Our main voice line is (413) 458-001 and our fax line is 458-8002.

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We are creating a World Wide Web-based news brokerage enabling content providers to exchange news and time-sensitive information among each other and with the public. The system enables the exchange of credits and payments for discrete access to individual web pages at rates determined by the member-providers.

If you would like more information about our services and do not have access to a Mosaic-style web browser, you may send a blank email message to the following addresses and receive the replies indicated: -- Introduction to Newshare Syndicate -- Information about syndicate membership -- Information about publishing membershp

We offer a FEE listserve mailing list to free-lance journalists and artists. To subscribe, send a message to and you will receive an automatic reply.

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The email addresses of our principal founding directors include:

Bill Densmore, President & Editor:

David Oliver, Technology Director:

Bernard Re Jr., Site Design and Marketing Director: or

E. Allen Rhodes, Finance Director:

For general correspondence please EMAIL to:

For comments on our services, MAIL to:

Thank-you for communicating with us.

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Newshare WWW site is a service of Newshare Corp.. a Massachusetts-based broker of digital information for newspapers, broadcasters and the public.

If you have comments or suggestions about Newshare Resource Center, please email them to

The Newshare name is a service mark of Newshare Corp.

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The Corporate Office of Newshare:

The Newshare Resource Center is sponsored in part by: Crocker Communications, a Northampton, Mass.-based supplier of Internet connectivity and telephone-answering services.