Newshare Submission Guidelines

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Newshare Submission Guidelines

Each of the three types of Newshare members has an opportunity to contribute news and information to the membership at large. This may be done through our E-MAIL gateway.

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User members

If you are a User Member , you may:

Keep all submissions brief (200-300 words) and be sure to include your daytime telephone number as well your full name, address and any professional affiliation.

Contributing members

If you are a professional journalist or artist and expect to be contributing to the Newshare Syndicate on a regular basis, you should register as a Contributing Member . With proper electronic identification, Contributing Members may post E-MAIL to other Contributing and Publishing Members through the Newshare(SM) FORUM (

FORMATTING TEXT: Contributing Member text submissions should rarely be longer than 400 words. Paragraphs should begin with the letter "p" between brackets (the figures above the comma and period on your keyboard). Items to be in boldface should be preceeded by "b" in brackets and followed by "/b" in brackets (no quotes). Use a bracketed "i" to start and "/i" to end italicized items. Not only does this formatting facilitate the conversion of text to graphic browsers, but it also represents a universal format for news organizations who wish to purchase and typeset content.

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SUBMITTING TEXT: Written submissions should be sent to a single category or to Members posting to more than one category will have their posting privileges suspended. If in doubt about an appropriate category, E-MAIL your submission to with a note at the top requesting assistance and possible multiple posting. You will normally receive a reply message telling you where your material has been posted.

FORMATTING GRAPHICS: Graphical submissions should be encoded in GIF format and files of greater than 100K will be discarded unless special permission to transmit is obtained in advance.

SUBMITTING GRAPHICS: Submissions should be sent as an attached file to The accompanying E-MAIL message should clearly state the name, affiliation, daytime phone number and address of the content provider and Newshare ID.

FORMATTING/SUBMITTING AUDIO: All audio submissions should be sent as an attached file to

Publishing members

Newshare Publishing Members take responsibility for managing the editing and presentation of specific topic or geographic content areas. As a result, they have special posting privileges which depend upon their expertise.

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