Newshare(SM)/Clickshare(SM): Copyright Statement to Users/Members

Clickshare Corp./Newshare Corp. (hereinafter "Newshare") and its affiliated members take very seriously their obligation to protect the copyrights of writers, photographers, artists and other content providers. For this reason, nearly all material accessed through Newshare contains an explicit "copyright" line.

However, this line is not required under U.S. (and most foreign) copyright law in order to enforce in appropriate ways the prohibition against unauthorized use of Newshare-provided material. As a Newshare user, be advised that the terms of our service agreement with you permit you to make one-time, personal use of copyrighted material which you receive via Newshare.

Prohibited Uses

This means that AMONG the prohibited uses are:

Copyrights retained by provider

Newshare functions generally as a broker of time-sensitive information. The original content provider retains at all times the master copyright to the material made available through Newshare.

Certain provisions of Newshare's agreements with its Contributing Members and Publishing Members permit Newshare to redistribute in various fashions the content of its members. However, this redistribution does not affect the copyrights of the members.

Special use: How to obtain

If you or your organization wish to obtain permission to redistribute or otherwise make use of Newshare-supplied content, you must obtain permission, in writing, from the original content provider. Most of the time the provider will supply a readily-apparent E-mail address to make this request.

If you are in doubt about the original content owner's identity or cannot find an appropriate address to direct a copyright inquiry, you may send E-mail to stating your intended use. You will receive a reply within 72 hours.

Many content providers have established rates for print reproduction of their work in newspapers, periodicals or by photocopying. If you intend to make routine use of a specific content-provider's work, you may be well-advised to arrange an ongoing permission structure.

Newshare-owned content

Most content available through Newshare carries a line which asserts a blanket copyright on behalf of "Newshare and/or the original source." In cases where copyright is owned solely by Newshare, this will be stated. Newshare asserts general copyright protection for the graphical appearance, form and organization of its World Wide Web site.

Limitation of liability

Because Newshare and the Newshare Syndicate act as brokers of information, we do not accept liability, legal or otherwise, for the accuracy, timeliness or fairness of content supplied by our members or their affiliates.

Newshare Publishing Members hold diverse views on many matters such as politics, sociology, philosophy and the limits of free speech. It is Newshare's policy to enable the free flow of information from members to their users and customers without content restriction. For this reason, some members may "warn" or "block" their users from reaching certain Newshare-enabled content.

If you have a specific questions about the copyright policies of Newshare Corp., the Newshare Syndicate or affiliated users or members, send E-mail to or use our direct-access REPLY FORM now.

Copyright, 1995, Newshare Corp. All Rights Reserved.
"Newshare" and "Clickshare" are registered servicemarks of Newshare Corp.