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Saturday end of day wrapup: Journalism That Matters-Pacific Northwest

Now we're wrapping up today's Journalism That Matters session in Seattle with announcements and then statements about what has been accomplished.


  • We should fail foward, cultivate courage.
  • A special couple of days, thanks.
  • I sat in two meetings today and I owe Steve a whole sheaf of pages; I was struct by the level of engagement of every person in each of these groups. I will say with the morning discussion about the news ecology for Asian American and Pacific islander communities in the northwest there was a sense of a lot of missing voices. We agreed we want to plan for an event later this year that will bring together the ethic media and communities of color that serve these communities, to see what sorts of the communities we can create there. I want to think JTM for creating that process.
  • I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go back to Portland. He was happy to see people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Taiwan, Michigan, New Mexico ... all to point to something that has been a theme for me that as we evolve into these relationships the way we exchange information and our ability to participate, we are still doing in this framework of these things, often called cities, which are often called into crisis by the reach of the technologies we have now ... the great newspapers all rolse up under the banner of their cities, part of what is receding now is the marker of those names.
  • There was a very big interest in keeping the conversation going at least temporarily. One of the ways we are going to be doing that is through a LinkedIn group. There will probably be other venues before too long but that is one we could do in a hurry. And there will be subgroups.
  • We concluded an occasional face-to-face meeting might be in order also. John Hammer volunteers the Washington News Council office near Safeco Field and an ale house.
  • Passing along a thank you and a note that this is the third time she has tried to use Open Space technology and this is the best use I have seen. It was very well directed. At one point this afternoon I just stood in the room and take all the voices in. The other thing I'd like to mention is the June 22-28, 2010 social forum is coming up in Detroit. I urge you all to come as participants. The one thing that is not in this room is the community. There's a lot of jouranlists, but not the community.
  • But JTM No. 14 it is no longer a surprise to me that there are community members, many of whom are represented here, are in it for the long haul. Jonathan Lawson is impressed with how many independent groupings there were who came to the conclusion that there is a problem with media literacy and we should do something about that. Common Language Project is working on this, the Asian American Journalists Association and Reclaim the Media. There's a realization that this is where we need to be as well. It's about getting our hands dirty in the soil that sustains journalism. It's really humbling to me.
  • The C-word keeps coming up, collaboration. Having been a lone wolf most of my life it has been a real eye opener. The definition of a healthy ecology is it is all intertwined. This is the first think I have ever allowed myself to be part of something and allowed it to be bigger than myself. She did most of the communication for the organizing committee. But it was writing by committee, which was a whole new experience. But it was great. A lot of humanity has its nose pressed up against the window and it is not just about me on sustainability ... it's just magical, I just never expected this, for myself. I've know about sustainability for a long time, but now I'm starting to live it.
  • My theme has been the business model and what I want to add to that is the need for collaboration. Fewer people succeed by themselves in startups. You are greatly more likely to succeed if you have a partner. If you can't find one person to believe in what you are doing, find somebody else's model and get on board. We are going to be very entrepreneurial but we are going to have to do it together.
  • Alone you can go fast, together you can go farther.