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Saturday end of day wrapup: What's on the cards?

Here's what participants wrote on circulating cards:

28The transition/shakeup happening in journalism is making possible tremendous cross-pollination between traditional and nontraditional forms of journalism & new media.
27As the media landscape changes, I'm excited to have learned that community is becoming an integral part of the future of journalism in a dynamic and not static way.
25What energizes is community, cross pollination of ideas and information and relationships.
25Regional collaboration is essential for survival.
24Journalism as a practice of nurturing the community boady. Feeding the community, the community feeds us.
24Clearly we need to revolutionize journalism's business model if our "informed democracy" is to survive.
23There are an infinite number of possibilities thanks to creating connections & collaborations.
23Needed: A new, open, interactive news/information/media "Collaboratory" to help shape the new news ecology.
23If the sense of community & collaborative potential in the PNW overall is anything like what's in this room, we are going to ROCK this coming decade & have fun while we're at it.
22 Journalists use and need to be master communicators...They are the "rock" and foundation for communication around stories...
22If journalism matters then we matter.
22A robust Collaboratory microcosm exists that is spawning public space for wild experimentation & inspired practical action. Yea JTM/PNW!
21There are mountains worth of experience here (many different peaks, several different ranges, even) terrific to see them all arrayed, in all their possibility.
21It takes a bunch of individuals with fires in their bellies to accomplish anything. (The organization we create are secondary) Noun or verb? News or journalism? Media or technology?
21Lots of potential for meaningful work at the intersection of community, education, & journalism.
21 There are tremendous resources available with collaboration---and a willingness amongst journalists and citizens to work together for innovative solutions. And many models already exist.
21 * The mainstream media will work with the hyper-local news people.
  * People will read hyper-local news.
  * Excellent journalistic work will be done for free even investigative journalism that takes years to complete.
21The new news ecology in the PNW is still evolving. Collaborative efforts are being explored. Journalism with more heart is paramount.
21 Media literacy is critical to the PNW new news ecology both for "journalists" and "public."
21PNW ecology is poised to bring energy, optimism & ideas to products that will make a difference at the local level but with possible reach & duplication far beyond.
21The new news ecology is extremely divers, with may new niches and opportunities for symbiosis. But content is still king. And storytelling needs to be TAUGHT in new places[and] ways.
20About building and growing not cutting and drinking.
20What do people, the public, actually want? As opposed to what we have to offer.
20Mild mannered reporters? Super heroes with super powers.
20There is a lot of rich talent here that is no longer bound up in just a few newsrooms.
20 What's true? Many journalists are or soon will be entrepreneurs.They will nee business skills or partnering with someone who has them, even in a nonprofit.
19Collaboration. Compassion. Engagement. Change Management. Opportunities. Gross Community Happiness.
19It is clear that NW media producers are open to collaboration as a key strategy for sustaining quality journalism & expanding media access.
19NW news ecology becoming a collaborative web creators, varying levels of credibility & sustainability.
19 I love the "common" theme that has recurred. Common Language Project, region commons lab, etc., all for the common good. The spirit of collaboration is powerful and critical for our success.
19 Much good will and budding activity...in need of stronger, clearer alliances and resources to change the ecology.
18This is what creative destruction looks like. Uncertainty & innovation go hand-in-hand.
18 There's a strong spirit of collaboration---of investigating the possibilities/opportunities of working together across projects & platforms.
18Our human needs/aspirations/desires are the same as our professional needs/aspirations/desires.
18 We have no idea what it will look like in 5 years---but it's gonna be awesome.
17When [you] embark in world of new social media, you open yourself up to:
17 Information with intention---goodbye to the myth of the dispassionate observer.
17The NW news ecology can include ME!
17There are sustainable business models to support the new news ecology.
17Yes, journalism matters. And ethics matters deeply to journalists.
17 Emerging is the acknowledgement of personhood---across the [broad] effort to deliver, accept and gently help mutual understanding through fearless sharing and emotional vulnerability. Support the healthy journalist.
17Environment & tools change, but people still need news & stories.
17Visualize, amplify the network.
16 "First, collect underpants, second....third, profit!" (South Park reference) Everything is in absolute chaos and no one has a plan. But no one is on the verge of starvation.
16There is a new civic media ecology emerging in the PNW. (And Seattle is cool.)
16The new news ecology is shining light in corners that had gone unexamined before.
16Most of us will fail, but all of us will learn. (+ most will teach)
16Cellular genisis of a zygote division, specialization, growth. What will our baby look like?
16 News is like the food cycle. "Farmers" who can't learn how to grow new "crops" will be replaced by farmers who can.
15Journalism curriculum: 1) college 2) elementary. Entrepreneurship. Options for self-control for career.
15How to monetize the ecology.
15 Fear not! This is a call to action! The cream rises to the top...follow your passion...
15 Professional "media" needs to stay in closer contact with the people/public.
15 The old way isn't going to work, won't be coming back---and alright!
14The new news ecology of the PNW believes in collaboration, resource sharing & new media experiments (whether or not they provide economic solutions.)!
14 Discovered unexpectedly strong untapped potential for creativity with mutual support across sectors and geography---now available to activate.
13The whole needs to be more than the sum of the parts.
13Journalism is being redefined. The relationship between journalist and community is playing a big role.
13Collaborations requires ready collaborators.
13What is clear about emerging ecosystem in the PNW? This is an enthusiastic climate for news+action to support positive change.
13Good will & camaraderie
13 There are several creative ways people are trying to improve and support and keep journalism afloat, and I'm excited to see what ideas stick.
12 Vast beyond what I had imagined...and diverse. Legacy media becoming dinosaurs.
12 Journalism that matters....what's the right balance?
11 Focus on incubators as source of solutions, not mass media. Solution-oriented mindset, we're past the hand-wringing.
11I want to move here.
10Thinking outside the box. An old saying for many. Many exciting new ideas!
9 Regions don't make sense. Every local is global.
6Watching the twittering & googling happen as we spoke.
6 It is a projection of personal fault to blame technology, or "the public" or "bloggers."