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What writers, artists and other contributors post on the Newshare Syndicate WWW server depends entirely upon the marketing and financial objectives of the writer or contributor

For the a one-time, $25 signup fee a Contributing Member is entitled to a year of 20 kilobytes of information loaded once (additional loadings extra), as well as listing in directory of Contrbuting Members (as they are called) sorted by: a) Name; b) Location and c) Area(s) of interest/expertise.

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Loading or reloading additional content will cost extra.

After the first year, an annual membership fee for an amount to be determined will be requested.


Some writers may post a series of digests of work they have for sale. Others may post complete articles with a clear copyright notice that they are for "browsing only." Others might post timely articles as they are completed. Once our Token Validation Service server software is in place we will be able to track access to such content and restrict it to Newshare members or the public, as the writer requires.

Eventually, we expect that there will be many Newshare Publishing Members, who will use our TVS software on their own host servers. This will make it possible not only to track access but also to bill it to individual users at remote locations who are on Newshare-enabled machines. At this point we will offer this ability to "sell" content on a single user basis to our Contributing Members -- with an appropriate commission on the transaction payable to the Newshare(SM) Syndicate.


A writer may choose to permit Newshare to negotiate rights on his/her behalf when content users request publication, reposting or other distribution rights beyond a single browse. Or the writer may choose to simply attach a notice to his/her content advising that use for other than browsing requires their permission and purchase (via an E-MAIL address).


It is our intention to be a BROKER of content, not an OWNER, in the main. It is possible that in some topic areas, Newshare Corp. itself will act as a Publishing Members of the Newshare Syndicate, and so may "own" some content of its own. So individual writers are buying from us a marketing and distribution service for their copyrighted content. They are not selling copyright to us and we have no intention of making it available to anyone other than for non-archival browsing purposes.

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