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  1. What is journalism in 2010 and how can citizens help shape the new news ecosystem?
  2. Accountability, to see the best of new media, and citizen bloggers anchored to the professional standards and ethics
  3. Dylan Thomas: "They are the only dead who do not love."
  4. Salish Sea Network nets many volunteer journalists
  5. Hope and a plan
  6. Networks, net visionaries and innovators, gather new ideas, ready for action in 2010!
  7. Media seeks sustainable ways to produce meaningful stories, build community
  8. Meet people and network. Discuss new business models for funding important, in-depth journalism. Learn about startups and experiments.
  9. Version 1: Get ways to stay relevant as mass media and as hyperlocal blogger. Community, new relationships key.
  10. Version 2: Find three ways to stay relevant in mass media and on a hyperlocal level. New relations, community key again.
  11. To come out of this conference with a better understanding of journalism today compared with years ago; what's better or worse today. What can we do to make it better?
  12. How do small advocacy non-profits tell their stories in the current media climate?
  13. Where are the editors and where is the money?
  14. Is the medium still the message? Please RT
  15. Non-profits and public policy specialists need to sinc with new-media ecosphere, find avenues in and add value
  16. How is the public good served by journalism? Do journalists have an obligation to inform and education? How can investigative journalism be sustained without compromising the integrity and the profitability of the news?
  17. Journalists, and public, meet in new environment, forge paths together.