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Intentions and best incomes -- the posted "stickies"


On Day One of JTM-Pacific Northwest, we asked participants to take a yellow-sticky note and write their intentions and best-possible anticipated outcomes for our four days together. Here's what they wrote.

  1. Intention is to gather information, find patterns and analyze options; outcome as a group quit wining, move forward, get work done
  2. What is journalism in 2010 and how can citizens help shape the new news ecosystem?
  3. Accountability, to see the best of new media, and citizen bloggers anchored to the professional standards and ethics
  4. Dylan Thomas: "They are the only dead who do not love."
  5. Salish Sea Network nets many volunteer journalists
  6. Hope and a plan
  7. Networks, net visionaries and innovators, gather new ideas, ready for action in 2010!
  8. Media seeks sustainable ways to produce meaningful stories, build community
  9. Meet people and network. Discuss new business models for funding important, in-depth journalism. Learn about startups and experiments.
  10. Version 1: Get ways to stay relevant as mass media and as hyperlocal blogger. Community, new relationships key.
  11. Version 2: Find three ways to stay relevant in mass media and on a hyperlocal level. New relations, community key again.
  12. To come out of this conference with a better understanding of journalism today compared with years ago; what's better or worse today. What can we do to make it better?
  13. How do small advocacy non-profits tell their stories in the current media climate?
  14. Where are the editors and where is the money?
  15. Is the medium still the message? Please RT
  16. Non-profits and public policy specialists need to sinc with new-media ecosphere, find avenues in and add value
  17. How is the public good served by journalism? Do journalists have an obligation to inform and education? How can investigative journalism be sustained without compromising the integrity and the profitability of the news?
  18. Journalists, and public, meet in new environment, forge paths together.
  19. discover new ways to engage the public in news and preserve the profession for future generations
  20. Beta testers/thinkers for LocallyGrownNews.org, an online community news incubator for building social capital
  21. Unemployed professional seeks sustainable communitiies
  22. Keep the momentum rolling!
  23. Connect with people working at the intersection of deep social networking and media in service of real communities
  24. What new technologies will help me serve my local readers better
  25. To be inspired with fresh, sharable, usable ideas for journalism's future
  26. Accurate news is key to democracy; how do old and new media work together to achieve it
  27. Making connections, making money, making a difference
  28. Want to see a good map of who is doing what in what medium
  29. Who wants to form concrete collaborations right now so we can thrive?
  30. High-school journalism classes are the only place civics are taught now
  31. I envision a model for responsible, sustainable journalism and a place for myself within it
  32. How can fulltime journalists and amateur media support each other?
  33. That this group plants a seed to carry us beyond the gloomy journalist world view and emerge with something else
  34. What does the Seattle media ecology look like on a map?
  35. When did the notion of "everyone is a journalist" become widely accepted and how do we grapple with it?
  36. Connection, inspiration; help with planning and grant for the EZ Albuquerque site for low-literacy adults
  37. New media, old models, return to the community newspaper?
  38. ACcountability in the news and journalism
  39. How can I help students be passionate about journalism in this time of radical change, get excited about storytelling
  40. What are the technology trends/needs of the new news ecology
  41. Understand the anger, understand what journalism is and what it is for and regain optimism and inspiration to share
  42. Some new possibilities for content creators looking to do their work authentically while making a living
  43. Exploring the transforming ecology of journalism; how can I contribute to the convo?
  44. Journalists, public meet in new environment, forge paths together
  45. An unprecedented brain trust convenes to envision the future of local news
  46. Seek support for public service/investigative journalism
  47. Passion for learning, connecting with others and innovating and solving problems
  48. Maybe the future of all professions, including journalism, will be like an artist -- don't do it without passion
  49. We solved it!
  50. What is journalism that does not matter? How can you tell?
  51. How do we pay our bills?
  52. Know what we don't know
  53. To empower my experience using reflection, intention and discussion
  54. An organic, spiritual, evolving process is driving media change
  55. Everyone a change maker and the role of media including news and knowledge entrepreneurs
  56. To learn how portals can surface hyperlocal news and info; best possible outcome, how to tap into hyperlocal conversation in a way that benefits all parties
  57. Engaging citizens by broadening range of journalism
  58. Has journalism played out the Tragedy of the Commons in its news ecology
  59. For people particularly young people, to decided that they wanted to work in this area for the rest of their lives; how does one find the reliable and valid differing points of view
  60. Citizens, journalists find common ground, plant seeds for the future collaborations
  61. Looking for help with Wordpress themes; see Maurreen
  62. So much pooled experience, so little traditional work, so many fledgling new channels and stories to be told
  63. Looking for new ways that a newspaper can interact and engage
  64. If journalism had no financial obligations, what would it cover and what would it look like?
  65. using ideas from JTM-Seattle for a JTM-Detroit, June 3-6
  66. Learning about methods of civic engagement
  67. Opportunities to combine resources with other independent journalists
  68. To leave the conference deep in thought and committed to action
  69. Research offline, understand and plan community, community, harvest, plant, filter, thresh
  70. Form alliance to build funding for independent online reporting of news, ideas and solutions
  71. An Open Space with room for many voices; open minds to find common ground and discover new ideas
  72. Hoping some concrete projects are theorized and incluced in this week. How expland the Northwest Community Radio Network into the NW Community Media Network