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“From Blueprint to Building: Making the Market for Digital Information"

An action congress for trust, identity and Internet information commerce serving newspapers and beyond
June 23-25, 2010 / Reynolds Journalism Institute / Columbia, Mo.


Eighteen months ago, about 60 people gathered on the American prairie and set out to describe a blueprint for a new information economy that would be based upon trust, identity and commerce. On June 24, at that same prairie meeting spot, some of them will start building it.

Do you want to be among the 80 founders, architects and builders? You're invited. Come to “From Blueprint to Building: Making the Market for Digital Information,” Wed.-Fri. June 23-25 at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute in Columbia, Mo.

Read the case for action in behalf of newspapers SPEECH by Bill Monroe, Feb. 4, 2010



This is not a conference, or a summit. It’s a congress, of news and information service providers -- organized by U.S. state press associations and the Reynolds Institute, an ideas-experiments-research center affiliated with the Missouri School of Journalism, the nation’s oldest and near-largest. In this ultra-fast-moving information ecosystem, we have two intentions:

  • Consider establishing a non-profit collaborative that will specify standards, platforms and protocols for a digital information marketplace; supporting investment and partnering with operating companies and,
  • Define and start raising money for an operating company or association that answers to, and primarily serves and benefits, all America's newspapers -- and is focused on profitably sharing, protecting and managing their digital content.
  • You can arrive on Wednesday afternoon, or Thursday afternoon, and we’ll wrap up Friday afternoon, with optional additional research discussions or solution-provider briefings on Saturday morning. Over three days you will:

      • Help frame the structure, governance and mission of the Information Trust Association (ITA) a facilitator of trust, identity and information commerce on the Internet and mobile networks.
      • Share ideas with some of the brightest minds in Internet law, copyright, technology, social networking, commerce, government and advertising about the ITA’s value, roles and limits, and how it will support enterprises like ANDAC.
      • Call or join ad-hoc break-out sessions aimed at fostering ideas, experiments and solutions with the potential to sustain the values, principles and purposes of journalism in new or legacy forms.
      • Share unstructured break time for ad-hoc collaboration in one of the many meeting rooms at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, or at one of the many restaurants and nightspots adjacent to campus.


    Among people most likely to benefit from participating are: State press association directors, newspaper and other media and telecom executives, producers, journalists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, technologists, public-policy activists, bankers and – citizens! “From Blueprint to Building: Making the Market for Digital Information,” is a public event. All discussions will be “on the record.” / (A WORD ABOUT VENDORS.)

    The Information Trust Association and the new Multistate Digital Marketplace Service Corp. (working title) are both likely to be guided by boards broadly representative of their constituencies. If you are ready to be considered for service, you should join us in Missouri.


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    We'll meet in the two-year-old, $32-million Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri. Since it's dedication in Sept. 2008, "RJI" has become a sought-after venue for meetings on the cutting-edge of journalism research and innovation. / (view more photos)


    The program and process for “Blueprint to Building” are under construction. Bookmark to check for updates in the program and to see who is signing up to participate. As we prepare to gather, you’ll begin to see links to recommended readings, resources and services from fellow participants. You can submit a resource for consideration to

    Hampton Inn (Fellows Place) atrium


    Our core meeting spaces are designed for a maximum of 80 people and we’ll take them first-come basis until we’re full to capacity. Registration is now open and if you register between now and May 31, you can take advantage of the early-bird rate of $95 for the full three days or $75 for two days – including meals. Our hotel partner is the two-year-old Hampton Inn (Fellows Place), adjacent to campus. "From Blueprint to Build" has a block of rooms reserved through June 10 at a special rate of $99/night, including a hot buffet breakfast.

                  Hampton Inn & Suites Columbia
                  (at the University of Missouri)
                  1225 Fellows Place
                  Columbia, Missouri 65201

                  RESERVE A ROOM NOW

    . . . or you can choose from this list of other hotels.


    • GROUND TRANSIT -- Columbia is in the middle of Missouri with Kansas City and St. Louis at either end. It’s a a hassle-free drive on Interstate 70 east from MCI (2.25 hours) or west from STL (1.75 hours) to Columbia via rental car or aboard the MoeXpress van shuttle service. You will need to make a pre-paid reservation with MoeXpress.
    • CAR RENTAL -- All the major car-rental agencies operation from MCI and STL. Avis has a local franchise in Columbia, which may facilitate one-way rentals from either airport. To consult on this option, call the Columbia office directly at (573) 442-6945.