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Building a free and open market for digital information

Does the Internet needs a shared-user network for trust, identity, privacy and information commerce?

This is a supplemental "wiki" page for the Information Trust Exchange Governing Association, an idea hatched at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo. It's designed to help the creators and owners of authoritative content. It would create a user-centric service to help the public discover and organize the information they need to be effective, engaged -- and entertained -- citizens.

  • If you are looking for wrapup notes of "From Blueprint to Building: Making the Market for Digital Information," a June 23-25, 2010 "action congress" for trust, identity and Internet information commerce serving newspapers and beyond, you'll find that jump page HERE.
  • If you want to to advised about the work of the Information Trust Exchange initiative, email

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