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The iPhone, managing operating firmware 3.1.2, is customarily shipped with hers programming locked to the Apple-contracted cellular assistance providers, By&T and Verizon. In buy to set upward one iPhone 3.1.2 on the T-Mobile service, you must must first jailbreak the phone (which hacks the main working firmware also allows the phone to function with unauthorized 3rd-party software) plus unlock it (which permits the phone to function on any provider that is has a compatible network for the phone). Fortunately, here are several free hacker application that accomplish both tasks of jailbreaking also unlocking the iPhone, not unlike ZiPhone.

Difficulty: Average


1 Download and install the ZiPhone application on your computer (see Resources).

3 Double-click the ZiPhone application icon on your PC to launch it. The application will automatically detect the iPhone connected to the computer.

4 Click the "Jailbreak and Unlock This iPhone" option in the main application window. The application will automatically initiate the jailbreaking plus unlocking method. There will a "Process Complete" prompt when done. The telephone will then be all set for utilize on the T-Mobile network.

5 Press the "Strength" button to turn the phone off. After that press the "Power" key again to restart the phone.

6 Contact T-Mobile Customer Service and notify them that you boast an unlocked iPhone plus wish to place it on the T-Mobile assistance. You will be asked facts (name, address, billing info, etc.) in order to arrange upwards some T-Mobile assistance account.

7 Tap the "Environments" icon on the phone; next tap the "General" option and the "Regarding" option. Afford the T-Mobile representative with the iPhone's serial number, IMEI number and ICCID number. She will use this information to set the phone up on the T-Mobile program.


ZiPhone: Download T-Mobile: Contact Us

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