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A plain fabric napkin can be simply rolled up and positioned on a napkin ring, nevertheless this will hide the embroidery on any fancy napkin.

You may purchase napkins with the pattern away from your china printed in the corner, or you can have napkins embroidered with your initials. These fancy napkins add curiosity to your dinning table. Don't hide this beautiful design when you roll upward the napkin to location it in a napkin ring. Add an extra fold to the napkin to flatten out and show away the corner by way of the style.

Trouble: Simple


Napkin Iron Spray starch Napkin ring

1 Iron and starch the napkin. Lay down the napkin on some flat area along with the embroidered design in the upper left corner plus the design facing down.

2 Fold the napkin in half by bringing the best edge down to meet the bottom edge. The style will these days be in the lower left corner facing up. electronic cigarette.

3 Revolve the napkin 90 degrees through pulling lower the appropriate side then that the design is at this moment within the upper right corner. Roll the napkin increase from the base. Make sure it yous rolled tight sufficient to simply fit inside the napkin ring. The design will be rolled inside the napkin.

5 Fold out the bottom two corners about the napkin to display the design. Pull the napkin ring lower over the top of the fold to store it in place.

Tips & Warnings

Use a ordinary napkin ring that complements the style of your napkins.

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