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Burn .iso files to DVDs on any Mac with Disk Utility.

Windows-based computer consumers frequently use the .iso file format to copy DVD and CD images for storage, transmission and duplication. While Mac consumers do not commonly use the .iso format when producing DVD and CD images, the Mac OS X working program has built-in support for this file format. Using the Disk Utility application included with their working system, Mac users may burn an .iso image to any blank DVD.

Difficulty: Easy


2 Right-click on the .iso image in the menu on the left part of the screen. All the .iso and .dmg files on your computer appear in this menu. Highlight "Burn [your .iso]."

3 Put in a blank DVD on the optical drive of your Mac. Select "Burn."


File Info: ISO

Picture Credit pile about quite a few cds or dvds image by Nikolay Okhitin from web site ;

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