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A boot knife is designed to be worn under the pant cuffs, and in a sheath or holster that wraps around the boot upper. To safely plus successfully carry the knife, be positive the sheath is firmly attached to your boot. Tuck it under your pants once secure. Before carrying every hid weapon, consult with your local law enforcement agency to procure the laws for concealed hold in your jurisdiction.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

Boot knife sheath or holster

1 Wrap the holster around the upper of the boot. Most holsters use hook-also-loop fastener materials. Wrap it extremely the holster is snug around the upper about the boot but not so tight it affects your movements or circulation.

2 Slide the holster so the knife hangs to the outer part regarding your knee.


AG Russell Knives: Kershaw Military Boot Knife Boot Knives: Made to Carrying Considerations

Picture Credit: black boot image with Danil Kashirskj from internet site ;

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