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HeliCoils may mend damaged threads.

HeliCoil yous a brand name for some spiral-tapped hole insert. The spiral insert requires specific tooling provided by the manufacturer. In most all cases, the HeliCoil appears on some complete package form that includes a special drill little, threaded tap and an insertion tool. The HeliCoil can too be used on new threaded holes that may well have to undergo numerous bolt replacements. The toughened threads will hold up to quite a few bolt insertions plus removals.

Trouble: Average


things you'll need:

HeliCoil kit Drill bit (optional) Exercise drive Hammer

2 Exercise away the hole regarding the damaged threads or the new thread hole to the correct depth. The depth depends on the overall length regarding the insert and the bolt that is remains going to be installed.

3 Clean the new drilled hole regarding all metal debris.

4 Tap the drilled hole by new threads using the kit-provided HeliCoil tap device. The depth of the HeliCoil threads should match that is of the insert plus the bolt being installed.

5 Slip the HeliCoil insert onto the mandrel of the insertion tool. Wind the HeliCoil insert, clockwise, down in the newly tapped hole. Continue until the top about the HeliCoil is 1/4 to 1/2 turn beneath the top area of the metal.

6 Strike the best end of the insertion tool sharply by way of some hammer. This action will break off the lower tang regarding the HeliCoil so a full-length bolt can pass through the opening.

Tips & Warnings

HeliCoils 1/2 inch or larger will entail the operate of needle-nosed pliers to break off the lower tang. Reach within the threaded put in by the jaws of the pliers. Grab the lower metal tang. Perform the taste back and forth with the jaws of the pliers until it snaps free of charge. Remove the small metal tang with the pliers.


HeliCoil: HeliCoil Installation Instructions Emhart Teknologies: HeliCoil

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