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Participants: Stewart Tilger, Mike Kittross, Althima Chansanchai, Cameron Hall, Aaron Randall, Aaron Hartwell

TRUTH (Trust)

License or no license Corporate influence over what gets covered Truth is subjective How do you get at the truth? Facts come "charged" Who's "truth"? Fox News, Glenn Beck, Daily Show, Colbert Report Inclusion of many voices is important. Diversity is important. Rachel Maddow welcomes diversity. Rush Limbaugh does not. Experience in psychological warfare from Army. What is the standard of ethics? Entertainment, money are drivers.


Should there be a "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" for news broadcasters? What are the goals and objectives of the news? Making money or reporting the truth? Fact checking. What are the "facts"? Will we agree even if they are reported as "facts"? Improvability over time? Editors as "traffic cops". What are other examples? Who holds the "red pen"? Editor? President, Boss, Pope? What are "Universal Truths"? Citizen pressure to hold news accountable. Importance of skepticism, observation logic of listeners. "Narrowcasting" v.s. "Broadcasting" Capitalism v.s. Socialism Grading for both Validity and Reliability "Old media" had checks and balances?