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About the news personalization project with my partner Graf Mouen:
EXample of a prototype for Berkshire Eagle:

This is what Nicco Mele is being invited to:

NewsTrust pages are on the INternet ARchives:

Just talked to Fabrice; this is some of what he said:

Fabrice Florin, Mill Valley, Calif.
mobile: 415-860-6484

The big revalation with newstrust is it is not something that can be solved with algorithm. To address that challenge is very difficult -- the problem of confirmation bias. Toward the end of NEwstrust I still had some issues about methedology. We had a nice news filtering system, but it required professional involvement which was more expensive.

It is a combination of things. Media literacy continues to be really important. But it is in the end developing people's critical thinking skills. Algorithms are great but ultimately the battle takes palce in side our head. It has to include quite a bit of help in that area. We are not going to e able to move the needle quickly.

That is why I am not jumping in because it is so difficult. It comes down to critical thinking so that is why I am involved in education right now. I'm working with 8- to 10-year-olds to find ways to engage them. I used to think it was enough to inform people but now it has become pretty clear you have to engage them first.

Brad Degraf, founder of Sociative:
415-847-8097 /
He is also in Marin County, maybe Corte Madera
11 Manzanita Court
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Reading Monday Note this morning (copied below) reminded me that I'd like to talk to you about Information Trust Exchange Governing Association. We're now incorporated and have a five-member board.

See particularly:

Google's "Funding Choices" testing is intriguing on many counts; I'd like to talk to you about it. 

How about tomorrow (Tuesday) morning sometime? Are you stil at Stanford? 

-- bill 

As to third-party cookies ---  Are you suspecting that the blog post you noted here:

Is likely describing functionality that will find its way into Safari? 



​These documents comprise the setup of the ITEGA ecosystem.

An interim website is here:

​And here is the mission statement:


  • What is ITEGA doing? A one-page Q-and-A:

  • Document combining two-page executive summary and launch-plan detail:

  • Three-year concept budget:
    Also: Budget narrative

  • Demonstrations that are part of the Proof of Concept demonstration ​soon​ underway:

  • Concept diagram of ITEGA entities/relationships

  • GRID: Comparing existing with optimal advertising function:

  • Job description of ITEGA lead technology architect:


  • The original statement of mission/objectives:

  • Draft statement about the start of proof-of-concept testing and establishment of ITEGA:

  • Overview of the proof-of-concept demonstration:

  • Background Q&A about LifeStream personalization application


  • Founding Board of Directors / Executive Director:

  • Articles of Incorporation (filed and accepted by Calif. Scty of State Jan. 30, 2017):

  • Bylaws of ITEGA:

  • Organizing resolution effective April 27, 2017, naming board

  • ITEGA Exchange Rules (guide only during 2017 and into 2018):

  • Representative list of eventual governance roles of ITEGA:

  • Detailed list of ITEGA roles, vs. roles of for-profit member entities:


  • The task-group strategic-planning process:

  • Implementation considerations within seven functional areas:

  • Project Management Grid by function and deadline: