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DVDs are easy to clone and again up.

Barely as with CDs, even the most well-shielded DVD collection is not invulnerable to scratches, dust and damage. While a DVD bites the dust, you may waste expensive software, vital data or some beloved film. Thankfully, DVDs can be backed up with minimal trouble by converting them to any image file and then burning them to another DVD.


things you'll require:

Disk duplication software (determine Resources) DVD you wish to copy Empty DVD DVD burner

1 Place the DVD you need to back awake on your computer's DVD tray, plus slide it into the PC .

3 Make an image file of the DVD. This feature of your system remains most very likely found in the "Copy" or "Duplicate" menu. If you don't realize a copy or duplicate manual, look for a "Copy" or "Make Picture" button inside the software's window or as an option under the "File" menu. Whenever inside doubt, consult your software's handbook. Save the picture file, and wait for your program to duplicate the DVD.

4 Remove the DVD from your PC after the file has been created.

5 Insert a blank DVD to your computer. In your disk duplication software, press the "Burn" button, or select "Burn" away from the "File" or "Generate Disc" menu.

6 When prompted in the software, locate the disc image file you created.

7 Select the burn pace and all other options you may wish to customize. Your program will now create some copy of the DVD using your picture file and then confirm that is the DVD has burned correctly.


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