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Newark Airport inside Newark, New Jersey offers household and international flights. Using public transportation to acquire to the airport saves you cash that would otherwise be spent on gas plus parking, and can also assist you avoid headaches caused through traffic. There are numerous public transport options depending on where in New York City or New Jersey you start from en route to the airport. Each option has its own benefits.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy

1 Take any taxi or car service to Newark Airport. Either option offers support to Newark Airport 24 hours per day, as long as you are within roughly 50 miles regarding the airport, which includes all of Manhattan. Fees vary per car service/taxi, and are increased if you are coming from New York City anticipated to tolls. Be aware, however, that never all New York Metropolis taxis go to Newark unless you may guarantee any trip with you or another passenger again to the metropolis.

2 Make use of the Coach USA Newark Airport Express bus to get to Newark Airport. This option is for those absolutely traveling from New York Town. The one-way trip from New York to Newark Airport is $15, also the bus picks riders upward by Grand Middle, Bryant Park and the Port Authority Terminal. The bus leaves every 30 minutes between 6:45 a.m. plus 11:15 p.m.

3 Receive the Path train to Newark en route to Newark Airport. The two primary Trail stations within New York City are located on 6th Avenue and 33rd Street and at World Trade Center. There are moreover Way stations located with New Jersey from locations such because Hoboken also Pavonia/Newport. Consider a Path train to Newark (you may possibly need to transfer to any Newark prepare if arriving from Manhattan), and later trip onto a New Jersey Transit train traveling to Newark Airport. Away from there, you may transfer onto the AirTrain to your flight's terminal, if necessary. This option runs 24 hours each day, and the maximum cost is $9.

Suggestions & Warnings

Consult the website and/or make contact with the transportation technique of your choice for specific pricing information. The time it takes for you to get to Newark Airport varies based upon your starting destination, the method you're using and factors such whereas climate plus traffic.


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