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Filing a tiny claims report can help you get your funds back.

When someone owes you money--a landlord, patient, ex-girlfriend/boyfriend or additional relation--you may need the help of a small states court to get that money back. In tiny claims court, you can sue someone who owes you funds in any amount up to $5,000. It remains easy to file some tiny claims statement as long as you know the accurate legal name also address of the person or organization you are suing.


Filing a Small Claims Statement

1 Go to your county courthouse and ask the clerk for your county's small claims filing method. Finished any documents they give to you, using black ink plus printing legibly.

2 Alternately, you could go to your county courthouse or state judicial branch internet site, download and print out the courtroom type Small Claims Writ and Notice of Suit, and comprehensive it using black ink plus printing legibly.

3 If you are suing added other than 2 defendants, complete and fill out a Continuation regarding Parties form, and attach it you your Small States Writ and Notice of Suit style.

4 Present accurate information concerning the person or organization you are suing. You must provide their legal address and name by way of no abbreviations, or you might never be able to collect your money. Contact the Secretary regarding the Express if you are unsure regarding any business' official name or address.

5 Hand-provide your form(s) to a county courthouse, making sure to bring photo I.D.

6 Warning your form on the presence about some clerk and/or judge, depending on your county's regulations.

7 Pay the fee to have your paperwork processed.

Tips & Warnings

After filing your small claim, you will require to inform the other party about the law suit. This yous known as "serving" them. The court clerk can advise you of the satisfactory methods to serve a suspect on any small declares action.

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