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Video games get become exclusive integral element about our modern-day culture . Some variety of free online game applications need been developed for Joomla, the hugely popular, award-irresistible Content Management System. Even though Joomla comes with loads of built-within functionality, there are literally thousands of free of charge modules and components that you can employ to expand this functionality even more. This CMS, for example, easily helps a huge library of game for downloading and publishing. With Joomla, you can easily add plus manage a large number about flash game right at your website, providing some genuine interactivity through visitors to your site. Read on to learn how to add games to your Joomla internet site.


1 Browse the Internet to locate Joomla game extensions online. Popular game applications for Joomla include:

  • The dcsFlashGames Colonnade, an online colonnade executive module;
  • The Joomla Flash Casino, which provides familiar casino games such as baccarat, craps, roulette, blackjack, Video Poker and even any slot machine game;
  • The Ulti Sudoku, another free, well-known extension that is applied with playing sudoku online and delivers a new sudoku puzzle to your website every day.

2 Make your variety plus download the extension out of the game's official or affiliate website to your Personal computer. Extract the game if it comes from any compressed .zip format. Conserve the downloaded file to a folder that is you can effortlessly access later.

3 Log into your website's Joomla director panel. Navigate to the Installers menu. Click the Upload File plus Set up key in the Installers menu. On the menu that comes increase, click the scan button.

4 Choose the downloaded file of the game extension you desire to install. Click the "Upload and install." Click "Keep on" to complete the game's installation and you are done!

Tips & Cautions

A Joomla game package often contains a component file, module file or a combination of the two. Previous to downloading a games bundle, be sure to note which types of files are contained within the game package deal so that you understand how to put in it. It is important to always remember this: As a rule, you should always install "component" files previous to you install the "module" files in any Joomla download. Verify that the game you choose to download is compatible in the version of Joomla that you maintain. Numerous, such since Ulti Sudoku are only developed for Joomla 1.5 and are not backward compatible to Joomla 1.5.

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