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The GE Pro Collection 4 Line Business Phone features a conference-call function that allows the user to speak to three folks at a free time. Along with a few simple steps, the user can link her main call by means of another line so that all three callers can converse with once. Ending the meeting call is just seeing that uncomplicated: just one or the two callers can be disconnected in absolutely one key.

Trouble: Easy

1 Press the button with the line on which you wish to generate your initial call up. Dial the number plus make some bond. If someone is already on the line, move on to step pair.

2 Press the "handle" button to location the first phone on hold.

3 Press the button for the line on which you wish to make your second call (not the same line you used for your first call up). Dial the number and make a relationship. If you already have the second phone on hold, press the line's button to receive it off of store.

4 Press the "conference" button.

5 Disconnect one of the lines. Press the key with the series of the person by whom you want to continue your call up. The other line will automatically disconnect. To disconnect both lines, simply hang up the phone.


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