What are the benefits to advertisers?

True third-party validation of Web usage
The Clickshare Transaction Logging Facility maintains a separate transaction record for each access off-site and out of the control of the originating server. Clickshare is not dependent on the integrity of local server logs.

Systemwide identification of individual users
Clickshare-enabled users have a globally unique identification number which is valid throughout the Clickshare universe. Full differentiation of "eyeballs" is possible. Access periods are also segemented into "sessions" (which are "enforced" by a well-specified limit on authentication validity).

User-centric (not site-centric) tracking
Access records are stored at the Clickshare Transaction Logging Facility keyed by global user ID and home publisher/provider ID. The path of single user's access to any Clickshare-enabled site during any given access session is easily accessed. Currently, this multi-site log is aggregated in real-time.

Usage data aggregated independent of demographic data
Clickshare Corporation maintains no permanent database of users or their demographic information. Usage of any Clickshare-enabled service is tracked by anonymous (but globally-unique) identifier, keyed to the provider who maintains the billing relationship with that user.

User validated by credit relationship

"Local Control" of Demographics, topic interests enabled
The user's home publisher/provider controls access to the user's demographic information by third parties, with consent of the user.