What Type of Tracking Data Available?

Information about User
Information about Resource Requested


Provides aggregated census by identifiable user
Access to Clickshare-enabled content, free or charged-per-query, is aggregrated at the Clickshare Transaction Logging Facility keyed by user ID, organized by "home" publisher, grouped by settlement period

User ID number, Publisher ID number are globally unique
The tuple |userID|+|home publisherID| is globally unique within the Clickshare universe, and can be used for access to any Clickshare-enabled site.

User ID is (almost) globally anonymous
The user's personal and financial information is stored only at the user's designated "home" publisher or access provider. Only the home publisher or access provider can "link" the ID with the demographic information.

Clickshare never sees user names
All logging and transaction settlement done by Clickshare use only the user ID and home publisher/provider association. All matters that require access to user demographic information (billing, e.g.) are handled by the home publisher/provider.

Only user authorizes use of demographics
The user must authorize the release of demographic and financial information by the home provider.