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Newshare Publishing Member Affiliation

What does it mean to be a Newshare Publishing Member:

The Newshare model of globally shared local information is strengthened by a binding affiliation agreement with each local (or subject-specific) content provider. This agreement, which will be provided to Publishing Members prior to enrollment, specifies that:

  1. Provider has exclusive domain in providing content for his/her affiliation area (except that "subject area" providers are allowed to overlap with all "local" affiliates within their subject areas).
  2. All content originated by the provider may be linked by fellow Publishing Members for consumer users throughout the Clickshare(sm) Publishing System, and may be sold for one-time, non-commercial use without further agreements. Content copyrights are maintained by the provider and multiple or commercial use is not permitted or governed by Newshare Corp. or Clickshare Corp.
  3. Content (including advertising) created by the provider will generate revenue through re-use throughout Newshare (not just locally). The provider will receive a royalty of not less than 50% of the gross purchase price paid by the end user via Clickshare(sm) settlement.
  4. Newshare Corp. has sole access to, and is sole owner of, all consumer access history information (though, locally, each provider can utilize local access information as desired), but NEVER possesses actual names or addresses of individual users, nor their demographic profile. This information is controlled and owned by the Publisher Member through which the consumer access is obtained.

Newshare-affiliated Publishing Members have wide editorial latitude in creating a local or topic-specific content, spawning innovative services and applying Newshare proprietary marketing information.

The structure of Newshare requires continued excellence on the part of local Publishing Members. Since, from one's local service provider (or home, in the future), is is just as easy to link to the "local Newshare" in a neighboring town as it to link to the "truly local" Newshare, the market will speak loudly in terms of providers failing or succeeding. This is, in part, the responsibility and opportunity resulting from a true "free market for digital information."

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