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"Journalism and the New Media Media Ecology: Who Will Pay the Messengers?"

CLOSING SESSION: The View from the Newsroom

What follows is an honest attempt to document a two-day conference at Yale Law School, "Journalism and the New Media Ecology: Who Will Pay the Messenger?" The reporter is Bill Densmore of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism. As with a similar in-the-moment report from a gathering at Harvard University two weeks ago, I make no warranty about the accuracy of direct quotes -- captured on the fly -- but make a promise to have supplied appropriate context as best as possible. The sessions are being videotaped. Consult that source for the final history of this event.

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This session, "The View from the Newsroom," includes David Carr of the New York Times, Marcia Chambers of the Yale Law School and the Branford Eagle; Bill Mitchell from the Poynter Institute; and Linda Greenhouse from Yale Law School.