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1 Contact consumer support by phone. You will need to solution any one safeness questions (generally your date about birth, Public Collateral number, mother's maiden name or any customized issue) plus furnish the credit card amount of the account you want to freeze.

2 Give the customer service delegate in detailed information nearly when and wherever you last applied the card, if you're freezing it because you discovered it has gone missing or been stolen. That will assist the credit card company with tracking the fraudulent use of your card, if it happens, plus boost the chances that the perpetrator will be caught.

3 Inquire with some freeze on your excessive-interest credit cards if you're having problems controlling your credit card debt and want to limit your entry to credit funds. Your access to the card will be revoked nearly instantly, and you'll have to comprehensive a form stating that your account will be frozen for a specified period of time. You will not be able to unfreeze your consideration till that period elapses.

4 Pay down the stability owing on your frozen credit cards, reducing them to zero seeing that quickly as possible. Remember that you don't necessarily improve your credit score by never using credit. If you want to restore your credit following unfreezing your credit cards, use them regularly but pay away the balances, in full, each calendar month.

5 Choose to cancel rather than freeze credit card accounts that is charge exorbitant annual fees or high rates regarding interest. Instead, limit your credit card spending to a card or two, keeping the cards with the best yearly percentage rates and lowest charges.

Tips & Warnings

Generate a independent note of all your credit card information, including account numbers also toll-free hotlines to patron service, also keep this data in a separate area in your wallet or purse. That way, you'll contain immediate access to everything you need to put any store on your account. If you don't freeze your credit card fast after losing it plus someone uses it to make some purchase, you may well wind awake becoming held liable for the funds. Frequently report a lost or stolen card as before long since feasible.

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davida8575 Oct 03, 2009 Keep in thoughts, some banks in the US will not work this. If you waste your card, those banks will absolutely Cancel the card. I understand, it happened to me!