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Here is a list of some of the people sitting "in the circle" today.

Panel 1: Reflections by Carnegie Researchers

  • Alex S. Jones, director, Shorenstein Center
  • Joshua Benton and Robert Giles of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism
  • Rick Edmonds and Bill Mitchell of the Poynter Institute
  • David Levy, of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
  • Geoffrey Cowan and David Westphal of the University of Southern California

Panel 2: Disruptive Tech and Business-Model Impact

  • Moderator: Nicco Mele, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Tom Eisenmann, Harvard Business School
  • Virginia Postre, The Atlantic
  • Sherry Turkle, MIT
  • Persephone Miel, Internews Network
  • David "Doc" Searls, Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Panel 3: New Models for News, in Practice

  • Phil Balboni, GlobalPost, Boston
  • David Bennahum, Center for Independent Media, Washington, D.C.
  • Melinda Henneberger, AOL, Politics Daily
  • Scott karp, Publish2, Inc.
  • Goli Shiekholeslami, Washington Post Digital
  • Joan Walsh, Salon