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[http://newshare.com/wiki/index.php/Rji-pivot-projects BACK TO PROJECT SUMMARIES] / [http://newshare.com/wiki/index.php/Rji-pivot-resources BACK TO PIVOT POINT OVERVIEW] <BR>

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  • A system that auto-curates social media (Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc.) to provide topic advice from experts as judged by the crowd in order to spark insight and action. Champion: Brad DeGraf.


The Insight Into Action Engine is a tool / process for communities and the media that cover them.

It allows invited curators to:

  • Efficiently follow the zeitgeist of the community (e.g. a 'newswire' of aggregated real-time web activity)
  • Engage with each other, converse, and focus attention around specific stories that curators are interested in.
  • Surface those stories that are most actively discussed/reinforced.
  • Propose one or more 'calls to action' as a consequence of a particular story (e.g. raise money for further investigation, air the story on television ....)

Our initial vision is to rapid-prototype it by plugging together existing components:

  • The invited curators would be bootstrapped using the Public Insight Network.
  • The 'zeitgeist/newswire' would be provided using Sociative's R88R ('radiator') technology which distills hourly feeds, ranked for relevance, of the activities of those real-time web users who are most relevant to the community.
  • The engagement/conversation would be a simple commenting system attached to every story in the newswire
  • The most important stories would be surfaced by simple heuristics for 'trending' such as most heavily and recently commented on
  • The 'call to action' for a story could be a link to a fundraising page on Spot.us, or a 'contact us' form that media producers could give curators to suggest stories to cover.

Below is an example of a newswire related to 'Food'

The influencer bar across the top shows the 'Food' influencers being watched/aggregated.