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PRESENTATIONS: "Business, Technology and the Media: Charting a Course Through Chaos"

Running notes from Bill Densmore from the second day of the two-day symposium, "Business, Technology and the Media: Charting a Course Through Chaos," at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, Missouri School of Journalism. There may be some typos in the moment, which we'll go back and correct later so consider this a work in progress! Also, there's a CoverItLive blog stream underway: WATCH LIVE VIDEO STREAM AND LIVE BLOG


This week's event is an initiative of the interdisciplinary Center for the Digital Globe (CDiG), the Alfred Friendly Foundation and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI). It involves about 50 international industry leaders in media, technology and business. The idea is to create new business models and it's organized by Randy Smith, Donald W. Reynolds Chair of Business Journalism. Among participants: Mark VandenBrink, vice president of technology solutions for Samsung America; Beth Polish, senior vice president of Hearst Corporate Innovation; Ochieng Rapuro, managing editor of Kenya^Ys Business Daily newspaper; Jim Kennedy, vice president of strategy for The Associated Press; Vin Capone, development executive for Apple; Beth Keck, senior director for WalMart; Jin-Yong Park, assistant editor for Hankook-Ilbo (The Korea Times)and Phil Aucutt, managing partner for WR Holdings and president of Junit, LLC. (For a full list visit http://www.rjionline.org/cdig )

Day Two: Developing new business models and and viable focus areas

Venture capitalist Alan Veeck is leading today's session set up this way: Six round tables assembled in Room 100-A of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.


After a morning culling ideas, and two hours honing a presentation, six groups now present their proposals.

TEAM ONE: The Perfect Calendar

Presented by Marty Steffens, Jim Price and Jeff Vander Clute

Extending the calendar application. It uses your already familiar application, like iCalendar, your Exchange or Entourage or Google calendar, and will populate it with things that will help you spend your day smarter, partner with your local news organization to give you the news that matters, be aware of local civic events, receive local and national ads.

  • Consumer in control -- adjust privacy settings to your level of comfort.
  • Key milestones .... many components already exist
  • Register PerfectCalendar.com domain
  • Partners include Columbia Missourian
  • Work with partners
  • Build technology in agile fashion
  • Integrate with social tools like Facebook
  • Integration with other technologies, like Outlook and Google, iCal
  • Self-serve advertising modules
  • Deployment, with milestones for sales, sales training, consumer testing, feedback, marketing

Self-service module that local newspapers can interactive with. Need knowledgeable publishers who can sell the product. Not just broadcasting but community members can upload events.

Revenue streams:

Place ... time ... and retailer specific

Examples: Local coupons (merchant initiated), local coupons (crowd triggered), preferred location (need a place), classified listings. Ad day-parting. Sales reminders. Impulse-buy specials, local and national.

Competitors might be Yelp and Zvents. Differentiators: Facilitation with current calendar, participation, and being able to deliver news within the calendar function.


COMMENT: Hates the idea of advertising sending stuff into my personal calendar. ANSWER: This will be opt-in as part of your privacy settings.