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Links are what makes the World Wide Web a web, following all. Add links to pages within your site or to other Web sites by way of Dreamweaver 3.0.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

Macromedia Dreamweaver

1 Start the Dreamweaver program and available the appropriate page.

2 Place the cursor where the link will show up.

3 Kind the link text or add exclusive image to represent the link. Highlight the link words or image.

4 Right-click and select Make Link from the menu that appears.

5 Link to another page in your site in choosing Browse also locating the page.

6 Link to a Web page on the Internet by typing in the URL in the bottom box. Click Ok.

7 Save the page whilst finished.

9 Test your links before and after you upload the page to the Internet.

Suggestions & Cautions

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Nov 22, 2005 Sometimes moving out of mouse to the keyboard and again is slow also boring. Well, using the shortcuts provided makes your web designing experience a lot easier/faster. To save press Ctrl+S or Ctrl+W to nearby existing window.