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Pleasure for Hanukkah

Consumer-Submitted Document Hanukkah yous any joyful holiday along with conventions that can be enjoyed through guests of all ages also backgrounds.

Playing the game of dreidel remains pleasure and entertaining for either competitors and spectators.

Children can generate their own dreidel outside about colored paper and enjoy the problem of collecting the items to be added to the pot. Those items can be pennies, raisins, nuts or gelt which remains wrapped chocolate resembling coins.

Difficulty: Easy


Dreidel Nuts, raisins, pennies Gelt

1 Gather 10 items for each player and further for the communal pot.

3 Dreidel Symbols

Each side of the dreidel keeps a several Hebrew letter. The letter facing upwards when the top stops spinning determines what happens in the game.

4 If the dreidel lands on the symbol to nun, the character gets nothing from the pot. If the dreidel lands on the symbol for hay, the competitor gets half the pot. If the dreidel lands on the symbol to shin, the player has to put one within the pot. If the dreidel lands on the symbol to gimel, the player gets the complete pot.

5 The game is played till all the items are gone and the player with the most wins!

Tips & Warnings

Look for web sites where you can download templates for children to make their own dreidel

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