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Source: Email received April 23, 1011

Concise problem statement is a tricky challenge -- but needed

Just to complicate your life further, I would:

  • (a) simplify many of your slides ^T too many words
  • (b) be sure to include a clear definition of exactly what you mean by an InfoValet
  • (c) be sure to include a concise problem statement. This might be the hardest, since you are weaving together many threads to make the case for InfoTrust.

Part of that problem statement is the continual flux Jeff mentions -- which is really part of how the Infosphere works and has worked since at least the 1970s. That is why you need a new computer, a new phone, a new tablet, a new browser, and new versions of every piece of software all the time -- radically different from the relatively static technologies of newspapers, magazines, books, telephones/telegraphs and broadcasting that constituted the information universe before it went digital.

In making that change -- and in becoming the first humans to live not only in the biosphere but also in the infosphere ^T we went from slow, orderly, hierachical and static information systems to fast, chaotic, networked and dynamic systems. Like sailing from a smooth river into a stormy ocean that's not going to settle down. We need an anchor, and that anchor is? InfoTrust.

Martin Langeveld Brattleboro, Vt.