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While some visitor comes to your web site, she expects all the links to be working properly. If she begins getting "file never found" errors, she's likely to depart your website precisely as rapidly seeing that she came. Check your internet site at smallest once a month for damaged links. While you put inside the effort to find also fix damaged links, both you and your visitors will be happy campers.

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless


1 Visit some website that offers free of charge link-checking tools. Such internet site include Dead-Links, W3C Link Checker plus Webmaster Toolkit.

2 Enter the URL (address) for the website you would like to check for broken links. Typically, there will be a long box labeled "URL" for you to type the address.

3 Click on the choice to "Test" links. Wording might barely vary, depending upon the internet site.

4 Look at the link checker results to observe which links are damaged. Be sure to view either "Internal" link results and "External" link results. Internal links go to pages inside your own internet site. External links go to other sites.

6 Log inside to your website's hosting consideration. Go to your file directory to call increase a page that is has broken links. Open the HTML editor for the page, find the links and accurate them.


Fixing Broken Links


Dead-Links W3C Link Checker Webmaster Toolkit

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