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Web site made to Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) are programmed in the Wireless Markup Language (WML). Web site by way of WML encoded versions for WAP devices were popularized during the 2000s with the improve inside mobile cellular technology that is means numerous phone buyers now experience entry to mobile Internet on the proceed. WML is a programming language comparable to HTML, but strips down the coding so that mobile telephones may load the web pages more quickly.

Difficulty: Reasonable Instructions

1 Unearth some web host that supports WML. Not all web hosts fully support WML, so examine to watch if yours does. You can easily reveal a WML WAP enabled web host with a simple Internet look for. Choose a web host that is caters to the wants of your website.

2 Create a blank Notepad document. You may also utilize your usual HTML writer if it has support to save as a ".wml" file.

3 Kind, "<?xml version="1.0"?><!DOCTYPE wml PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD WML 1.1//EN website"><wml>" at the top about your document, this defines the document as some WML web file.

4 Type "<card id="main" title="My Initial WML Page" newcontext="accurate">" below the header. All WAP pages may include many "Cards" as opposed to pages that HTML websites might have. You can insert numerous cards throughout some WML file.

5 Kind "

" to begin your paragraph of text. Type your content for the first paragraph in the first card here. Near the label by typing "

" and pressing Return.

6 Type "</card>" at the end of this each card to close the card. If you want to add added cards repeat this process. To link between cards type "<a href="#card2">link text</a>" changing "card2" for the card "id" you wish to link to.

8 Click "File" then "Save Whereas" also conserve the file with a .wml extension.

9 Upload your .wml to your wml, wap-enabled host and then visit it out of a mobile phone.

Tips & Warnings

With a complete list of WML reference commands, visit the w3schools reference list that remains linked under Resources.