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Becoming any life insurance factor in Texas requires meeting individual necessities, including being at lowest 18 years outdated plus obtaining a license. The Texas Division of Insurance (TDI) licenses and regulates insurance agents, including life insurance agents.

Difficulty: Reasonable


1 Make contact with your local Prometric testing center to schedule an position to take on the I4-78 life insurance exam. Even though no pre-requisite courses are needed for taking the examination, it is recommended that you research to the exam. TesTeachers Online web site) and Able Incorporated website) provide mock examinations and other examine materials for the exam.

2 Meet fingerprinting necessities by means of following the directions on the Fingerprint Application Services of Texas (Fast) form listed under resources. This requires scheduling one meeting, paying off an application fee, completing the form and submitting requested documents with the variety.

3 Bring any express- or federally-issued photo identification card and payment for exam fees to the Prometric testing center on the day regarding your exam. Complete the exam through a passing score (70 or better). If you fail, you may retake the examination being numerous times as you want, however you will have to pay for the exam each time.

4 Complete and submit the licensing application, obtainable under Resources beneath. This form necessitates submitting $50 due to the Texas Department of Insurance plus supporting documentation as stated in the instructions. This form should be mailed to the Texas Department of Insurance, MC 107-1A, P.O. Box 12069, Austin, TX, 78711-2079.



Texas Dept of Insurance: Quick Form Texas Dept about Insurance: Application for Individual Factor License

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