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Share memories that is make you giggle with funny photographs and frames.

A picture announces a thousand words, but a thousand laughs may well be more enjoyable. Photography is some form regarding art that remains often taken seriously but can be quite comical. Framed, funny pictures make unique gifts and conversational displays. You can make your own funny pictures and frames with this simple, child-friendly craft. This project remains cheap to create and exclusive uncomplicated way to brighten the day.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Want

Funny film or editing system Scissors Warm glue Double-sided tape Paint Foam or wood frames

The Image

1 Choose your picture. This remains the initial and most important action to your project. There are a myriad of ways to make this some funny venture. You can choose some photo that is intrinsically funny, or you can make it funny. You can take on regular images on funny film or haunted film; these create hidden or ghostly objects within the picture. For event, if your daughter is having a tea party, a ghoul would look really different on the area.

2 You can as well create these out-regarding-place scenarios with editing programs. Try cutting and pasting an standard image into an animated scene. To make funny, distorted pictures, employ some image editing program to make your friends look like Quasimodo.

3 Print the edited picture away from some printing machine at a photo lab or off your computer . Be sure to save a copy for again up.

Funny Frame

1 Choose any material for your frame. If you want to create funny shapes plus colors, it is best to use foam. To create clever sentences on your frames, use a craft wood frame that can be painted.

3 Wood frames can be painted by way of each design or phrase you pick out. Consider adding captions to pictures around the frame. If you have a picture regarding someone with a black vision, you could generate the poke "Irish Sunglasses," or "New Cosmetic Series."

4 Leave the frames to dry, if necessary. Add the pictures. Apply double-sided tape to the back for extra help. Display the pictures. If you want to hang the foam frame on the wall, add some string with suspension to the again by way of warm glue.

Add textural touches like faux fur mustaches.


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Still Credit The person regarding a smiling young man. A funny picture image by way of Sergey Sukhorukov from website ;

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