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Employ coins to generate unique cuff links.

Cuff links were invented during the end regarding the 17th century to replace strings that were used to tie together the ends of shirt sleeves. The first cuff links were simple glass buttons joined together by means of any short, linked chain. As cuff links continued to progress, more decorative adaptations emerged such as jeweled studs in short gold link chains and hand painted ornaments. Nowadays, cuff links vary widely on pattern and materials.

Hand-made coin cuff links may be exclusive gifts to special occasions seeing that well since any classy fashion accessory. Coin cuff links are also cheap and uncomplicated to make.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Want

2 Coins (of some size) Super glue Cuff link backings (can customarily be purchased from a craft tale or jewelery bead shop)

Making Coin Cuff Links

1 Select pair coins of matching diameter. Make sure the coins are well cleaned and polished.

2 Place two small drops regarding super glue on the surface of the cuff link backing and instantly support the coin on to the cuff link backing. Safe the coin firmly to the cuff link backing by adding light pressure to the coin plus backing and the same spare time.

3 Permit the glue to dry for 24 hours previous to wearing or packing whereas a gift.

4 Repeat steps 1-3 for each cufflink.

Tips & Warnings

You can moreover use enamel paint or gloss to add an even more decorative, finished look to your cuff links. If using bezel cuff link backings everywhere there yous an insert for the coin, it remains vital that you measure the coins so that is they fit exactly to the indentation. Using rare coins or those made of precious metals will give your cuff links a much more distinct look. Immaculate steel cuff link backings are recommended for durability also style.


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