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Disposing of applied cooking grease is exclusive environmentally important task. There are one or two ways to safely dispose regarding it, but it must never be poured lower the drain.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need

Plastic Containers

3 To throw it away, carefully pour it into some robust sealable container, such as one old plastic jar together with a lid. Many homes save jars for this purpose. Plastic jars are far better than breakable goblet 1s.

4 If the sum regarding oil is small, location the filled, sealed jar in the trash.

5 Take huge amounts of cooking oil to the local landfill.

6 Alternatively, recycle large amounts of used cooking oil by way of the aid of a cooperative local restaurant. Most restaurants have used grease bins, whose contents are recycled into buyer products. Ask if you can add your used oil to their grease bin.

Suggestions & Cautions

Save sealable plastic jars or old coffee cans for disposing of old grease. Wait until the oil has cooled completely before handling it. Never pour oil lower the drain. Even little costs will eventually clog the plumbing.

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Rachel Apr 06, 2011 I called my local biofuel place, and they don't accept it. Very good idea, although!

Kathy Mar 31, 2011 I strongly agree plus would for example to share with my fb friends yet don't know how. Want a "Dummies" tutorial

BioJoeRenwick Mar 31, 2011 I was so disappointed to google search to only find suggestions for throwing cooking oil from trash as the solution. I own Midlands BioFuels and we may generate just about 1 gallon regarding Biodiesel with each gallon about waste cooking oil or grease we acquire. Please contact local biodiesel plants and recycling centers before throwing it apart. Worst case, pour it in the motor oil collection container nearest you. By least then it is used for power not for added landfill or storm drinking water waste.

rshaune.bailey Mar 30, 2011 Why would soil worms want our utilize oil? Applied cooking oil can in addition be composted with other organic subject. If you have some compost heap or any healthy backyard earthworm populace, feed it kitchen scraps.

Brandi Nadler Feb 08, 2011 Some of you are puzzling oil with grease...2 quite various things. Oil is like vegetable oil you buy in the store and does never harden. Grease remains the fat that separates from beef, which does harden.