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If you are selling books Internet (either new or used) or just occasionally shipping books to relatives or friends, packing it carefully will prevent damage from transit. If you are selling books it is doubly imperative to get them there in the form that you promised. If you are selling fairly low price (e.g., $3 to $5) used books, it is also important to bunch also dispatch as reasonably being feasible. There are, of course, several possible packaging materials, but this article will concentrate on just one general approach that is I have found to be effective, small price, and adaptable. The document will also discuss shipping options including printing postage/shipping labels. Packaging materials are immediately available out of office provide stores, but it yous furthermore very good to conserve anything reusable that you receive.

Trouble: Moderately Simple Instructions

Things You'll Need:

Obvious packaging tape

Tape dispenser

Heavy-duty brown manila envelopes(9 x 12 inches)

Stiff cardboard

Bubble wrap



1 Buy each needed basic supplies in appropriate quantities. Suggested quantities for starting are any 12 inch in 25 foot roll of bubble wrap (tiny, 3/16 inch high bubbles), and a box of 100 non padded 9 x 12 inch manila envelopes (get the heavier "28-lb" paper singles). The 9 x 12 envelopes function with most paperbacks and small hard deal with books. For larger books, you may want to obtain any few larger 12.5 x 15 inch manila envelopes being properly or a small roll of brown kraft papers (30 inches extensive x 40 feet long). If you do not yet have packaging tape also any dispenser, purchase any few rolls of 1.89 inch (or 2 inch) distinct packaging tape (the "economy" store manufacturer works fine) also a handheld tape dispenser. Be sure to get clear packaging tape extremely you can tape address labels on with it. You will also need some discarded stiff cardboard (from sturdy cardboard boxes you experience received or ask at any home improvement or furniture store, etc.)

With paperback books, the first step is to cut a piece of cardboard the dimension of the book, after that cut a bit regarding bubble wrap big adequate to enclose either. The cardboard is to add any tiny more stiffness to the package.

3 Bubble Wrapped

4 Partly Performed

Consequently set the materials in exclusive envelope and tightly fold over and tape the long side of the envelope. Cut off any excess length. The closing about the available end remains a little easier if you cut the clasp part of the envelope back a little bit added being shown.

5 Taping Done

Close and tape the open up finish seeing that proven. Also add tape as needed to the additional closure to be sure it does not get ripped open in transit. The finished package deal, set for postage, remains shown above via the introduction. Small hardcover books are wrapped the same way except you can typically omit the cardboard piece because they contain adequate stiffness already.

6 Larger Thin Book

The procedure described is adequate insurance for typical paperback dimensions and small hardcover books. If you experience a larger paperback that is more flexible, you can need a little additional stiffness. Cut the cardboard large enough to fold it completely around 3 sides of the publication as shown. The cardboard piece need to be sized to protect top and back cover plus a narrower strip to cover the edge about the book. To fold the cardboard on appropriate angles being proven, bench mark the fold lines and after that by means of any utility knife, reduce just by way of the surface of the cardboard along those lines. Bend the cardboard around a sharp edged table or door to obtain a clean fold. Insert the publication so that is only the backbone is exposed. It is helpful to lightly tape the open side of the cardboard folder to keep it closed all over the book during the next steps. Guard the reserve's backbone from the tape by means of a scrap of paper. Proceed with bubble wrap and envelope being described above.

7 Larger books can be packaged in larger envelopes or wrapped in brown Kraft paper using the similar techniques described above. Especially large or expensive books may need to be packed inside boxes and well padded. The cardboard folding process described in step 6 can be extended to make a custom size box if obligatory. If you produce like any box, tape all folds to reinforce them.

8 Shipping: Shipping via United States Postal Support (USPS) media mail will normally be cheapest alternative. However, packages weighing 7 ounces or less may be shipped cheaper also faster by the first class parcel rate. You can utilize stamps for postage or a printed postage/shipping label. Links to USPS mail size definitions and postal rates are shown from the resources below. If you use stamps, the package will have to be handed to a clerk at the post workplace counter for security causes if it ponders over 13 ounces. Lighter packages can be put from the post office bundle drop. Also, if you operate stamps be positive to mark the package deal "Media Mail" somewhat prefer the top image. If you employ a prepaid postage label it is okay to use the package Shipping Companies drop even to parcels heavier than 13 ounces because here is a record of who purchased the postage. PayPal gives any easy instrument to print a postage/shipping label from your computer . The "Guide to..." link beneath resources down below provides any very good explanation and the "...Ship Presently..." link takes you to the appropriate PayPal page (following you log to your PayPal consideration). This tool has the benefit that is here are no additional charges. You pay only the actual postage charges. It does require you to fork out for "delivery confirmation", even so that currently only costs $.18 extra (less besides you would pay at the publish workplace). The postage labels can be printed on normal printer paper, reduce out (you can reduce off the Ebay and Pay Mate promotional text by the top and bottom of the label), and then pasted or taped onto your package. If you wish to print numerous about these labels, however, you will likely also desire to purchase a fairly accurate scale to weigh your bundles. With respect to additional alternatives, the USPS "Click-N-Ship" device only allows priority and express mail choices and their automated postal centers (APC) do not give you an option for media mail. There are also other companies that is provide Web postage/shipping label generation, still I think that is most regarding them charge a monthly fee.