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In attendance (in no particular order): Pam Kilborn-Miller, Lindsay Toler, Nancy White, Rob Moitoza, Irv Kass, Madeline Ostrander, Michael McCarthy, Suzanne Tedesko, Susan Adler, Jessica Partnow, Sarah Stuteville and Sanjay Bhatt (discussion leader).

Purpose of this type of reporting?

As foreign bureaus close, a need to replace the boots on the ground with more reporters or at least more sources who relay information. Maybe training people to tell their own stories through video, like Witness.

Storytelling. Make me care.

Accountability for projects in countries and watchdog reporting. Independent editorial voice!

Sharing what works so other countries with similar issues can try to replicate those efforts.

Who might be the audience?

NGOs, health workers, grantmakers, global health conference organizers, governments, people interested in international news, journalists, immigrants who follow events in the mother country, historians, entrepreneurs, service corps, academia, pharmaceutical companies, trainers/educators, medical/health students, religious groups.

What might be next steps?

Reach out to potential stakeholders - needs, priorities, funding potential

Research the history of public health in target countries

Make the network visible and sustain the conversation