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Topic: Creating a Sustainable Journalism Incubator Convenor: Michelle Ferrier, Elon University/LocallyGrownNews.com

Michelle Ferrier: Physical and virtual incubator concepts to fertilize innovative projects

Michael Anderson: News innovative projects in Portland, straddling small and individual teams (freelancers). Coop/coaliton

Jody: Mentions programs in place at ASU Entrepreneur Center,

Kathy Gill: UW has 3 staff, 1 open position (tech support for classrooms, sites, dev); she just uses wordpress

Kathy: Digital Comm Technologies class, using wordpress.com and learned headaches of mySQL, found plug-ins, themes, etc., so they were immersed in a free environment. Then they had to pick a topic or a business, and convey what the business is or what the technologies.

Michelle: Conversation Prism > http://theconversationprism.com/1024/ > Each student assigned a segment, do an overview of space, major players, pro/con analysis of each tool; 2-3 tutorial on it; created a wiki to explain it all.

Grace Stahre: Intrigued by the model of CommonLanguageProject

Andrew Sorkin: http://thenewhive.com/

Michelle: alternative pathways to doing journalism. And then in summer a physical or virtual based learning community, to build the idea, how to monitize it.

Jody: In a class and they spawn ideas under the tutelage of Dan Gilmore, entrepreneurial business mba guy, he knows the players and teaches the kids what will work. What will pass muster in Silicon Valley.

ASU has had success in and that’s in new media innovation lab. Talk to local businesses and we want to create an app or tool for the community. Project management, but they put young minds against businesses. Gannett/Arizona newspaper . Pays student to be in the lab, blending of students from journalism, business, design and engineering. Students coming out of it have a deeper understanding of what needs to happen. Undergrads and grads must take one of two classes: New media innovation lab and the entrepreneurial center class.

Entrepreneurial journalism: Mindy McAdams may be keeping track of them. Sarah Studeville is teaching an entrepreneurial journalism course.

Outcomes: Usual pressure points…not enough IT help. Student knowledge of software, learning tools, etc. After first year there was a prob in project management and dev. Hired a technologist in residence, to be the technological advisor and help to do X. Fan of Yahoo Developers tools. He’s been web dev and project development company. He shares his knowledge with the students.

Kathy Gill: Our communications department has two staff and one open position. That is technology support for classrooms, website and we have a pretty sophisticated level at the master’s level.

Jody: Understanding of what they would need to have, Joomla/Drupal to develop the product.

Kathy: I did a special projects class in undergraduate class in the fall. Install of Wordpress on the server. Learned all the headaches of mySQL and they went off ad found the plugins and the themes, etc. They had to pick a technology or a business and lead a topic on how that business is using that technology. 10 minute presentation on SlideShare. Q&A from classmates.

Michelle: Conversation prism: wikispace for technology.


Jody: Knight has learned that as it gives out money. To journalists who don’t know biz dev and IT. I think there’s a infrastructure, coalition of clearly of universities, build the confidence of gradates. Two different things: good enough storytellers and freelance and those ideas that turn them into the.

Kathy Gill: I’m teaching iPhone apps. In our master’s program, teaching it this summer.

Grace Stahre: Brings to mind the Common Language Project. Work with nonprofits. Long and short form filmmaker. Environmental Film Projects.

Seeing permutations of this throughout the conference.

Kathy: Amanda Costner, Photographer, started Salam Garage. NGOs with folks that are interested in volunteering. She also trains the volunteers on how to write stories. Tell stories digitally or tell stories at the local Kiwanis, etc. Expanding the reach of their experience, through storytelling. In Vietnam, South Africa. Grant funding and people pay their way.

Kristin Millis: I think what has been missing in journalism, how to read Excel spread sheet and the relevancy of numbers. Now that corporate journalism is going by the wayside, need to learn how to read a budget, financial tools, etc. Marketing plan and how to market an idea, being able to talk to people about the numbers.

Andrew Sorkin: Team up with others who are knowledgeable about business.

Rich Riski: Peninsula College. There are those people that are math-averse.

Andrew: That is how you get recognized, focusing on what his strength is. It’s realistic to be all of that.

Kristin:Not a master, but a basic understanding.


KathY; We’re talking about this in the context of journalism, but this needs to be in the larger context of what is happening in the society. Other fields are having the same conversations. How do we shift from the W-4 to the 1099.

Andrew: Music industry felt like it didn’t need to shift.

Kathy: Artist versus infrastructure. That infrastructure is being disintermediated everywhere.

Ken: Wordpress is changing so fast, you don’t have to know the backend stuff. What does the technology release or enable? What opportunities for conversation and interaction.

Kathy: If you learn one, to talk about intell

Kristin: CMS is incredibly democratic. Knowing enough to have a conversation.

Intense incubator,

Web Media Group: Onliine News Association. Web Media Pro access. Makes available entrepreneurial advice on front- and back-end idea. Pricing plan and adapt to the purposes. Pro.webbmediagroup.com