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David Beers is the Publisher of TheTyee.ca, a leading online news website based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Beers began the session by stating the four real-life topics he was going to share about his experience:

1. Starting & funding 2. Getting credibility 3. Building a good work environment 4. Making an impact through excellence

1. STARTING: TheTyee.ca started six years ago in Vancouver. At the time, Beers was the Editor and a "known journalist" with mainstream/boring credentials. At the time, CanWest owned most media outlets in BC, and they had a media agenda. Vancouver was a polarized city, with a strong union vs corporate environment. The environmental movement, along with philanthropy, were also factors. An association of Labor actually sought him out ad asked him for media help. He didn't offer himself as a "sacrificial lamb working for free." Labor wanted a newspaper, but Beers pitched them a "regional version of Salon.com for B.C."