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Here are notes by Joaquin Uy (from his Twitter stream) of the 3 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Journalism That Matters-PNW breakout session, "How can we create Report for America: The National Service Corps for News . . . accountability journalism feet on the streets," called by Bill Densmore.

FROM: http://journalismthatmatters.org/jtmpnw/

From Joaquin Uy’s Twitter feed.
work: 425.564.6195

Report for America: The national service corps for news. Accountability journalism feet on streets.

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From Joaquin's stream:

  • Report for America: the national service corps for news. Accountability journalism feet on the streets. I'm loving this idea.
  • Densmore is asking if you were in such a program, what would you expect/want out of it?
  • Briana, a senior, says she wants experience but is used to not getting paid. What about "Teach for America?" How much for them?
  • Teach for America folks get $18,000 can't work another job & free housing. At least you won't lose money! Vista folks get $750/month
  • Ben Ernst was Vista, used food stamps, got a lot of real world experience in nonprofit sector & organizing. A lot of + experience.
  • But what about the big career changers? They'd want some money & health insurance at least, esp. if you are relocated.
  • BUT, at least you get health care, housing help. How to fund this? Local individuals & foundations. Maybe government. Not sure.
  • You could also attract the midcareer changers & retirees. How about Poynter & Kroc fellowship at NPR.
  • Lydia (a student) would like it to be a full time job out in the field w/ a ton of experience. Ok w/ relocating, so you can focus.
  • We have a rep (Leif Utne) from http://theuptake.org/. They are also interested in this endeavor. Check them out at @theuptake
  • What if we made Report for America a part of Vista? They already have a program in MA matching peops to LPFM.
  • Attendees are split on whether to go to the gov for funding. Why mess w/ Congress? But it maybe it wouldn't hurt. Hot issue, gov $$$
  • The pilot beats: immigration, changes in economy of rural America & low-income communities. Maybe topics are too contentious? Naw.
  • Host organization can't think of these folks as just an extra reporter. They have to cover something crucial but not enuff $ for it.
  • What problem would Report for America be trying to solve? Silence & sad grins...b/c we all know what the problem is.
  • Knowing there are so many out of work journos, how can we promote a system bringing more students/retirees, etc. into this field?
  • How about this: because s many outlets are losing money, there are less opportunities for folks to learn the craft.
  • Also, bloggers who want to take the next step. Can use this as an opportunity to take that step learning the principles/craft of

traditional journalism.

  • What if Report for America was housed in a J-School? Problem or opportunity? Well...not sure. Why not? Any takers?
  • Densmore: "I want this program to infect people with the journalism bug." Get ready to roll up those sleeves folks!
  • Who can we use to vet retirees for this? AARP. Encore Careers. There are probably a ton. Keep your eyes open for developments!
  • But, where is the money going to come from and will folks have a job after the program? That feels really unsure to some

attendees. Will it just add to the growing fold of unemployed reporters?