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How can online open government support the news ecology?


Karen Toering

Ken LeBlond

Mike Fancher

Daniel Lathrop

Matt Rosenberg

Harold Shinsato

Jeris JC Miller

John Spady


  • journalists should be the instigators of making government open
  • humanistic voice needs to be heard in the new technologies
  • government should be consumer focused like VA is trying to be via social media
  • government is made of people who bear responsibility to reach out to the community and community is responsible to see governments as people (humans)
  • How do we systematically mine public records?
  • What is the clearinghouse for government online efforts?
  • Online world is solution oriented where print journalism is problem-oriented
  • Journalists role is to stand in for citizens
  • The good and creative voices will stand out
  • Government credentialing of journalists will inevitably be relaxed
  • Barriers to who gets to speak (MSM) are dropping
  • Governments should be rewarded for being on the leading edge of digital media

Action Steps

  • Forum Foundation and Washington Coalition on Open Government will collaborate on open government issue forum around Sunshine Week
  • Washington COG will look to expand its Key Awards to recognizing government agencies work on online openness. Lathrop (Gov2.0 author) will work with WashCOG.
  • We will contribute individually to a clearinghouse of open government online efforts at WashingtonCOG.org