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K. Matsue Cook convened this session. Also in attendance were Ilona Meagher, Harold Shinsato, Rob Moitoza, Cate Gable, and one other.

There may not have been an official note taker, and this is just from memory, but there were a few interesting topics brought up that helped lead into another session Matsue convened: How to create a happiness index for Seattle. The question was how can we get back to our feelings. Ilona Meagher has given support to people suffering from and written a book about PTSD: http://ptsdcombat.blogspot.com/ Getting back to feelings is critical to healing. As a veteran himself, Rob Moitoza related how critical an issue this was and how many veterans just don't make ever make it back. The victims of war include PTSD sufferers who later commit suicide because of the inability to successfully heal from the trauma of war. It was also brought up that even generals and commanders suffer very greatly for the burdens they bear in what happens to those who fight and die under them. Harold Shinsato related how there has been work to integrate emotions into the workplace in a healthy way by Jim & Michele McCarthy, in their "Core Protocols", http://coreprotocols.org. Harold demonstrated the use of the Check-In protocol, which was to relate 4 basic primary colors of emotions, mad, glad, sad, or afraid with a little background around each. This really helps team member be present with each other.

Someone also pointed out what Chris Jordan said about talking about action is not action. The same is true of feelings.