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Americans for Community Development<br>
Americans for Community Development<br>
L3C ADvisors Inc.<br>
P.O. Box 236<br>
P.O. Box 236<br>
Granite Springs, New York 10527<br>
Granite Springs, New York 10527<br>

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The L3C: Can the corporation learn to achieve profits and social purpose?

These are Bill Densmore's notes for a breakout session at Journalism that Matters-Pacific Northwest.

Background links

The WikiPedia page on L3C's:

A list of the key features of the L3C:

Robert Lang: Originator of the L3C idea:

Home page for his AmericansForCommunityDevelopment.org:

Jim Barnett talking about the L3C on his blog:

Bill Mitchell covers the L3C phenomenon in a PoynterOnline piece: http://www.poynter.org/column.asp?id=131&aid=159320

Jim Barnett on NiemanLabs.org talks about the L3C for newspapers:

ANOTHER VIEW: L3C benefits seen as available already:

Here's the Vermont law, which was the first:

Now law in Illinois:

VIDEO: Building a corporation with a social mission:

      Chris Miller, community outreach coordinator of the Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Washington University in St. Louis, describes the form, which some people are saying might be a future structure for newspapers. Miller is at 314-935-6906 (clmiller@wustl.edu

Americans for Community Development
L3C ADvisors Inc.
P.O. Box 236
Granite Springs, New York 10527
(914) 248-8443
Inquiries may be directed to: