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Are you an entrepreneur by nature or circumstance? 3:00pm session, Journalism That Matters Seattle, Washington January 9, 2010

How do you define the word “entrepreneur”?

  • Self-employed
  • Somebody who makes things happen for themselves
  • Holistic payment plan

Discussion of ways we can mould the future of journalism in a positive way.

  • Shifting news ecology not based on new ideas, they are at least 3 years old
  • How to make it out to increase the bottom line
  • How to convey to the rest of the group that, in the end, its going to be okay
    • Creating an industry-wide guide to being a freelance journalist**

With JTM, we have a golden opportunity with shared wisdom to create a sustainable entrepreneurial model for non-company journalists

Action suggestion:

1. Identify local journalists who are working a highly successful business model 2. Series of workshops to spread these useful models 3. Make a business of this new community of peers

Action suggestion:

1. Create circles of professional freelance journalists groups to share Editor contacts, assignment opportunities, mentoring. 2. Quantify various business models that WORK, in order to replicate them. 3. Create a list of Northwest statistics and characteristics that make this region unique. This will help NW based freelancers market themselves globally. 4. Allow space for ideas, groups, actions to PIVOT. We have to build something new out of this changing media landscape.

Discussion of the challenge of communication and movement forward of the entire group, in particular the older newspaper journalists who have no freelance experience.

    • The Pitch Factory**
  • The freelance journalist as a brand**
    • What ideas/business models are FUNDABLE? Let’s find those peers who have struck gold and elevate the local freelance journalist experience.**

Our ideas are a goldmine, we can create sustainable revenue streams that support freelance journalism.

• merchandizing • consulting • advertising • donation – community orgs • access / gatekeeping • fundraising • licensing creative works • sponsorship • backend products • services